The Average Cost Of The Wedding Varies According To The Concept You Choose

Average Cost Of The Wedding – If you want something best then it takes good preparation anyway. So also with a marriage, the concept must be clear and well organized. You should not forget one thing because it will destroy all the plans you have set. But sometimes every party there is always a panic in it. When you forget to buy a small thing, it turns out very big impact.

There are many factors that affect the cost of marriage, such as the location of the wedding, the number of guests and supporters of the event. Perhaps you have thought of who will help you make the perfect wedding party, but the cost you need to control not to exceed the budget limit that has been set. If like that then there are some things that need to be limited also the quality. But do not make your guests disappointed, such as eating becomes uncomfortable. Or maybe they are disappointed because the lighting is less interesting.

Average Cost Of The Wedding

Average wedding cost breakdown, this is a ghost for many bride and groom. Below is an explanation of the average money spent on marriage, we can use it as a reference before marriage or just a consideration.

First, if you want to party inside the building or indoors then it requires the cost of renting a building or a room. This obviously will be more expensive than using the park as a wedding location.

Second, renting a wedding dress will be more cost-effective than making your own wedding dress for men and women. Of course if you have money then it would be better to make your own and make a uniform. Average cost of a wedding dress, it really depends on the number of families and types of fabrics you want to use.

Third, using food catering services will make your work lighter but this will cost more. Choose an experienced food caterer.

There are still many candidates who want to know the average cost of a small wedding, for a simple wedding it costs between $ 2500 – $ 5000. But if you want a festive wedding then the cost can reach $ 10,000. Or you want to hold a party with a variety of supporters of the event that require expensive cost then the cost will reach $ 50,000. It all depends on your ability and intention as a bride and groom.

Finally we can find the median cost of wedding, if calculated in general then we will get a value of $ 3,000- $ 10,000. It’s been very interesting, and you will not be ashamed to invite some guests. We believe this is the right budget for you to prepare if you want to get married.