Outdoor Wedding Decorating Ideas for a Pergola

Outdoor Wedding Decorating Ideas for a Pergola – For anyone who is planning an outdoor wedding, a pergola could add sophistication and grace with an otherwise everyday natural location. A well-made wood pergola is actually stylish along with timeless–the perfect combination for any wedding. While an ordinary wooden pergola is actually lovely by itself, decorating it for you personally wedding may help bring out there it’s pure beauty as well generate a clear pretty theme for ones outdoor wedding that can be concentrated in one area.

Flower Garlands


Flowers really are a large a part of wedding decorations and can add for a pergola decorations regardless how you go for them; however, hanging floral garlands is a great way to help weave bouquets into your own pergola designs. You can establish natural floral garlands or buy man made fiber flower garlands. For the country wedding ceremony, collect native wild bouquets and distort these to the garland also. Weave your garland relating to the wood slats around the pergola roof–often these kinds of slats tend to be widely set helping to make decorating less complicated. You might also want to help twist your garlands round the parameter railing with the pergola.


Lighting can be an important a part of any wedding ceremony decoration along with setting; however, lighting might be especially very important to an outdoor wedding. In case your wedding wedding ceremony will extend to the early evening because the natural light lowers, adding delicate lighting for a pergola will be both pretty and sensible. Simple smaller white sequence lights really are a good starting point. Make sure you’ve an earth-toned off shoot cord, a black green that will blend in using the grass. Twist your strings of lights round the railing along with roof border with the pergola. Complement your lighting with smaller tea lighting securely put on the banisters with the pergola–this will develop a ring of light round the pergola. Place your tea lighting on last should you be planning about decorating having flowers along with fabric also. If your current decorations tend to be festive, consider including small hanging paper lanterns through the pergola ceiling/roof cross-bow supports.

Fabric and Ribbons

While your natural timber or your soft white of your pergola can easily stand by itself, integrating your own wedding colours subtly to the pergola designs will develop a cohesion in the wedding location. Select bolts of fabric within your wedding colours and dangle these through the roof slats with the pergola. You are able to drape your fabric so that it hangs inside a gentle slope–this will develop a dramatic effect. Or you can simply put the assisting beams with the pergola along with your wedding colour fabric. For hints of color, hang smaller ribbons along with your wedding colors round the pergola, or adorn white fabric in conjunction with colored frills. Make sure you select fabric that is the simple texture–you don’t want your focus being on your own fabric designs. You pergola decorations are simply just in place to create a proper backdrop with the main interest; the wedding couple